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Lumiprobe Lumiprobe
Lumiprobe is a leading provider of fluorescent dyes and other reagents for life science research applications. We offer overnight delivery from stock in Florida, affordable pricing, and free technical support.
Precisionary Instruments Precisionary Instruments
New generation of microtome. Superior to cyrostat for imunohistochemistry. Best machine for organotypic brain, lung, liver, heart and kidney slices. Doubles live tissue slices viability.
EndNote X6
EndNote® enables you to move seamlessly through your research process with flexible tools for searching, ...
Disposable Safety Scalpels
The Fine Science Tools Disposable Safety Scalpels are a safe alternative to the traditional scalpel ...
Innovate with BioVision’s Human CellExp™ Recombinant Proteins.
Innovate with BioVision’s Human CellExp™ Recombinant Proteins! Non-human protein expression systems like bacterial, yeast ...
Princeton Separations' CENTRI • SEP 8
CENTRI • SEP 8 kit has been specially designed for effective and reliable high-throughput removal ...
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