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Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the instrumentation for industry, research and teaching in the biological and environmental sciences. We manufactures and sell a broad range of gas analyzers, environmental sensors, instruments for aquatic and terrestrial animal biology, human cardiopulmonary testing and more.

Our New Q-Box Respirometry Packages are modular and have everything that one requires to measure metabolic rate of small and large animals in both lab and field setup.

Our Q-Box Human Respirometry Package is designed for safe respirometry and spirometry measurements in humans.

Our Q-CPX Metabolic Cart offers the most sophisticated cardiopulmonary exercise testing combined with respirometry breath by breath analysis.

Our Differential O2 Analyser is the world’s only patented differential oxygen analyzer with a resolution of 1 ppm O2 against a background of air.

Qubit Systems also offers Room and Pod Calorimetry where measurements of ppm changes in O2 against the background or air O2 concentrations are possible with Qubit Differential O2 Analyzer (DOX).