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NO LONGER___ Becky Metivier's Overview. Current. Marketing Manager at The Baker Company.

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48 Free Street
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: 207.774.7528
The Baker Company
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PO Drawer E
Sanford, ME 04073
United States
Phone: 800-992-2537
Fax: 207-324-3869
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For more than 60 years, The Baker Company has delivered high quality contamination control products to meet the unique and evolving needs of laboratory professionals. Our biological safety cabinets offer exclusive features for a more comfortable work environment, higher productivity and lower lifetime energy and filter costs. Learn more about our products at or booth 331.

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About BakerThe Baker Company is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of biological safety cabinets, clean benches and fume hoods. For over five decades The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment.The Baker Company PhilosophyThe Baker Company is guided by the pursuit of safety, reliability and outstanding value through innovative design and manufacturing of containment and clean air products for life science, pharmaceutical, industrial and hospital/clinical applications worldwide. * Baker products continue to set the industry standard for safety, performance, operating efficiencies and ergonomics through innovative research, meticulous engineering and ongoing testing. * Baker is the only biological safety cabinet manufacturer to routinely subject its products to extensive microbiological aerosol testing.