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Genome Editing, Gene Expression and Regulation
CRISPR-Cas9 - Cas9 and sgRNA systems in viral or non-viral plasmids, or packaged into lentivirus or AAV

Cas9-Stable Cell Lines - Largest collection of cancer cell lines with genome-integrated Cas9 expression

Lentiviral Particles - Premade and custom made lentiviral particles purified to =108 TU/ml for in vitro and in vivo studies.

AAV Particles - Custom AAV particles of all serotypes at = 5X 1012 GC/ml for tissue and animal infection

ORF cDNA - Gene expression with the largest collection of 200+ expression vectors and 50+ fusion tags

shRNA - Guaranteed knockdown with viral and non-viral vector based shRNA constructs with eGFP or mCherry reporter gene

MicroRNA - Complete functional analysis tools including precursor miRNA, miRNA inhibitor and miRNA 3' UTR targets

Promoters - More than 20,000 human promoters in dual secreted reporter systems

Molecular Reagents and Biochemical Assays
Luciferase Assays - Optimized luminescence assay kits and cell line are offered to provide a complete solution for your research needs. GeneCopoeia also offers various custom services including custom gene synthesis and lentivirus production services. Recombinant protein production and antibody production services are also available.

Endofectin Transfection Reagent - Tested and optimized for highly efficient transfection, with transfection efficiency equal to or greater compared with competitor products

qPCR assays- qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents with great amplification efficiency and high specificity. And validated gene-specific and miRNA-specific qPCR primers.

Methylated DNA enrichment kit and p53 activity assay kit are also available.

GeneCopoeia is committed to provide innovative technologies, products and services to researchers worldwide.