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Stratedigm, Inc. is the manufacturer of the SE500, S1000 and S1000ex Flow Cytometer platforms designed to provide high-performance and upgradeability. Our platforms provide suitable solutions for a wide range of applications, beginning with our SE500 Series, which offers an economical solution for applications requiring a 640nm and 488nm lasers with up to 4 color analysis, to our S1000 and S1000ex platforms designed to offer scalability in terms of both price and performance. Our S1000 Series can be configured as a single laser/7 parameter system to up to a 4-lasers/12 parameter system (FSC, SSC, Width, Time and 8 colors), and with our newest addition, the S1000ex, users can now upgrade their systems to 14 color analysis. Our compact and rugged designs target any cytometric application, particularly bacterial and microparticle analysis, effectively resolving particles as small as of 250nm. Utilizing highly reliable components, such as, solid-state lasers (640nm, 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, 561nm, and 372nm) each with its own beam-shaping and proprietary high-efficiency collection optics, our flow Cytometers achieve exceptional sensitivity and resolution. With our systems users no longer have to sacrifice performance, flexibility, or reliability—truly, a flow cytometer without compromise!