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ANTIGENIX AMERICA is a supplier of Immunology Research products with a commitment to the BIOMEDICAL INVESTIGATOR.

News; Read about the Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry Cytokine Assays

The founders of ANTIGENIX AMERICA draw upon more than twenty years of experience in the manufacture, sales and service of immunology research reagents:

*Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry Cytokine Kits
*Cytokine ELISA Kits and ELISA Construction Kits.
*Recombinant Cytokines and Growth Factors
*Antibodies to Cytokines and Growth Factors
*Antibodies to CD markers, Viral Proteins, Adhesion Markers
*ELISA accessory reagents, secondary antibodies.
*Custom Immunology Services: Antibody conjugation and development.

Applications of our products include: Cytokine Biology, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistology, Western Blot, Functional Studies, and ELISA. In Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit and Pig models.

ANTIGENIX AMERICA acknowledges the noble work of our customers, the Biomedical Investigators, and Research Scientists.


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Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry assays

Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry assays

ANTIGENIX AMERICA Super-X Plex multiplex assay utilizes multiple bead populations TM differentiated by size and levels of fluorescence intensity

Assay Performance / Characteristics:
•Non-magnetic Multi-Plex Bead Assays
•Assay uses antibody coated beads, Biotin Detection antibodies, 96 well filter plate, and R-PE signal for analysis.
•Sensitivity less than 10.0 pg/mL for most assays!
•Sample Types: Use Serum/Plasma, Cell Culture Fluid, Cell Lysate, or other biological fluids.
•High correlation with Luminex® assays
•Assay Time approx. 2 hours!
•Precision: Intra-Assay CV: <10% ; Inter-Assay < 20%
•Sample Volume: 15.0 uL
•No measurable X-reactivity within each panel.
•Multi-Plex: Customer can create own panels within each Group - up to 24-Plex! Many pre-made panels available - Human, Mouse, Rat, Primate and Canine Models. Custom multiplex panels can be built across groups by ANTIGENIX laboratory – Contact us
•Standards are Pre-Mixed for most assays ( Both Individual and Panels) to facilitate fast and easy plate prep.

A) SINGLE-Plex Assays:

Each Single-Plex Assay Contains:
•Antibody Coated Beads
•Detection Antibody
•Mix and Match one or more Individual Assays from a given Group to Build your own custom panel!
•Each Individual Assay Within Each Group Occupies a Unique Bead Region for Analysis
•Each assay sufficient for 96 wells
•Most Standards are provided as Pre-Mixed standard panels ( 6 or mare standards in single vial) - for easy and quick plate preparation
•Assays can be Multi-Plexed across panels - CONTACT Tech Support for suitability
•Order a STARTER Kit ( 96 tests) and a SAMPLE DILUENT Kit to match sample type and Species of Samples.
•Also Available: SAMPLE Dilution Buffer ( for Dilution of High concentration samples) and Cell Lysate Prep Buffer

B) STARTER Kit: ( 96 tests) - Select for Sample Species Type

•Reading Buffer (10X) 5.0 mL
•Wash Buffer (10X) 20.0 mL
•Filter Plate ( 1) and Plate Seals (6)
•PCR 8-tube strip (2)
•Detection Antibody Diluent 1.0 mL
•Streptavidin-PE conjugate 3.0 mL

•Human / Primate: Starter Kit ( 96 tests) cat # STKH10
•Mouse/ Rat : Starter Kit ( 96 tests) cat # STKM10
•Canine: Starter Kit ( 96 tests ) cat # STKC10

C) SAMPLE DILUENT Kits - ( Select for Sample Type and Species)

•Standard Diluent ( 2.5 mL)
•Sample Assay Buffer ( 8.0 mL)

Description Cat No:
Human / Primate : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKH100
Mouse / Rat : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKM100
Canine : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKCN10
Cell Culture Supernatant Diluent Kit DKC100
Cell Lysate Diluent Kit DKL100
Cell Lysate Prep Buffer ( 50mL) CLP200
Sample Dilution Buffer ( 100 mL) SDL200

D) MULTI-Plex Panels:

Starter Kit included
( No need to order the Starter Kit for the Multi–Plex panels)

Each Multi-Plex Panel Kit contains:
•Multi-plex Antibody Coated beads
•Pre-Mixed Detection Antibodies
•Pre-Mixed Antigen Standards
•Complete Starter Kit with: Filter plate, Wash and Reading Buffers, PE-conjugate, PCR 8 tube strip.
•Detection Antibody Diluent ( matched to Sample Species).

** No need to order separate Starter Kit -
** Order a Sample Diluent Kit to match Species and Sample Type Used
•Extra Set of Pre-Mixed Standards are available, if needed - order as separate item.

E) Materials Required / Not Supplied to run the Super-X Plex® Flow Cytometry Assays:
•Flow Cytometer with 488 nm Laser
•Plate Shaker for 96-well filter plates
•Vacuum plate washer ( optional ) See available ANTIGENIX catalog number FPW100

CONTACT our tech Support with any Ordering Questions
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