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Asuragen has its roots in Ambion®, The RNA Company. Ambion® is a molecular biology reagent company with a strong focus on RNA. Asuragen is the successor entity to Ambion. Ambion was formed in 1989 by Matt Winkler, then a University of Texas professor. With a compounded annual revenue growth rate of 30%, Ambion quickly grew to become the preeminent reagent company focused around RNA. In 1996, Ambion started developing molecular diagnostic capabilities in preparation for a future where it predicted that RNA-based molecular diagnostics would play an increasingly important role in managing disease. Ambion developed Armored RNA®, a technology for producing stable RNA standards for use in diagnostics. Armored RNA® has been licensed to most of the large diagnostics companies and generates over $1 million a year in licensing revenue. In 2000, Ambion Diagnostics became a formal division of Ambion. Ambion Diagnostics put in place a cGMP manufacturing facility and staffed the division with the appropriate development, manufacturing, and regulatory employees.