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Configured Bio-assays:
Over seventeen years of experience providing the highest quality bio-assay reagent kits to the medical diagnostic and medical research communities. With over 500 ELISA, Chemiluminescence, and RIA kits to choose from, we offer the most complete line of assays for autoimmunity, infectious disease, cytokines, catecholamines, cancer research, brain research and more. You’ll find assays targeting human as well as a variety of other species-specific applications.

Antibodies and Proteins:
Offering you an extensive line of thousands of top-quality antibodies and proteins, including a spectrum of both monoclonals and polyclonals antibodies suitable for use in Western Blot, IHC, Immunoprecipitation and Neutralization assays. Many are suited for use in the configuration of immunoassays. A variety of antibodies target whole molecules while others are raised against significant peptides. Whether you are interested in phospho-specific antibodies, primary antibodies or secondary antibodies or proteins, our comprehensive lines are your first resource.

Our highly experienced technical service staff is renowned for their excellence in supporting the many products we offer to researchers and clinicians. Our staff has been carefully selected for their years of experience working in both clinical and research environments. The level of support we offer with our products is unmatched in the industry and effectively expands the number of players on your team that are focusing on your goals.