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We are a USA manufacturer of the Vortex-Genie® laboratory vortex mixer and shaker, as well as a complete line of other Genie™ lab products including microplate shakers and mixers, cell disruptor and homogenizers, magnetic stirrers for every need – low speed, high speed, single position, multi-position, and large volume, large capacity orbital shakers, rotators, rockers, cell culture incubators, shaking incubators, refrigerated incubators, and hydbrization ovens. All of our Genie™ products are proudly made in the USA.

We also are home to the Torbal line of balances. Torbal is renowned for the highest quality scales at the most affordable price. The line offers a full range of precision and analytical balances, moisture analyzers, as well as a complete selection of pharmacy scales and pill counters. Our famous DRX line is NTEP certified and is known to be the industry leader in pharmacy compounding and pill counting. All of our balances are built to highest quality standards and are accompanied with some of the best warranties in the weighing industry.