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SIRION Biotech viral vectors
for projects of all sizes

SIRION Biotech offers customized viral vector technologies for every application, from gene therapy and vaccination development to cell modeling for gene function studies.

With OVER 500 projects for more than 150 repeat clients worldwide, SIRION Biotech understands the technical challenges of today's medical R&D.

• Adenovirus (AV): Based on proprietary BAC technology which allows for construction of rare adenovirus serotypes for vaccine development, our AV preparations are available on a fee-for-service basis and made in 4-6 weeks. Clinical use of AV serotypes is possible with licensing agreements.

• Adeno-associated virus (AAV): Our AAV purities and concentrations are superior as supported by our high standard quality controls and confirmed in a recent independent publication. Of specific interest are tissue specific AAV and capsid mutations. Clinical use is possible with licensing agreements.

• Lentivirus: Our proprietary, LentiBOOST™ and LentiTHERAPY™ provide superior and specific transduction efficiencies. LentiBOOST™ is based on a non-toxic chemical which increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing lentiviruses easy access. Clinical use is possible with licensing agreements.