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Founded in 1970, Spectrum Laboratories manufactures products for separation, purification and concentration that are used in research, development and manufacturing by the biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food and beverage industries. Spectrum pioneered the development of dialysis membranes, single-use hollow fiber filtration modules, systems for tangential flow filtration, hollow fiber bioreactors and preparative low-pressure liquid chromatography products.

Spectrums KrosFlo® process filtration products include the largest selection of single-use hollow fiber filters and filtration systems for Tangential Flow Filtration. KrosFlo® filters are scaleable and can be used for processing volumes of 1 mL to 10,000 L.

Spectrums dialysis product include Spectra/Por® Standard and Biotech Grade dialysis membranes and 2 single-use ready to use dialysis devices, the Float-A-Lyzer G2® and the Tube-A-Lyzer®.

Cell culture products include CellMax® hollow fiber bioreactors and the CellMax® Duo System. The Duo system accommodates 2 CellMax bioreactors allowing 2 independent cell cultures to be grown independently.

Spectrums chromatography products include Spectra/Chrom® columns, the CF-2 multipurpose fraction collector and the Model 280 UV monitor.

Spectrum Laboratories is a global company headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, California. Manufacturing facilities are in Rancho Dominguez, CA; Houston, TX and Dallas, TX. Spectrum has a European sales office in Breda, Netherlands and an Asian sales office in Otsu-city, Shiga, Japan. Spectrum also supplies products world-wide through a network of international distributors.