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thomas Hampton- owner

Scott McCue, sales
Mouse Specifics, Inc.
Booth # 969 Map It
1354 Hancock Street, Room 207
Quincy, MA 02169
United States
Phone: 617-571-8408
Fax: 617-507-8280
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Mouse Specifics provides laboratory animal personnel instrumentation for in vivo study of animal models of human disorders, such as heart disease, nerve injury, and pain. The DigiGait Imaging System identifies and quantifies motor dysfunction in rodents. Applications include brain injury, ALS, and arthritis. The ECGenie monitors the heart in conscious rodents at baseline, during surgery, and during recovery. Both instruments study the newborn mouse and rat.


Mouse Specifics provides instrumentation for in vivo study of animal models of human diseases, emphasizing high throughput non-invasive testing. The ECGenie records electrocardiograms in conscious rodents without anesthetic, surgery, or implants for arrhythmia detection and the study of autonomic nervous system activity. MSI also provides elegant tools for the study of respiratory and cardiovascular function in neonatal mice to accelerate understanding of developmental disorders such as muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy. MSI's DigiGait Imaging System, the “gold standard” for gait analysis, identifies and quantifies motor dysfunction in animal models of pain and neurodegenerative disease. MSI's unique innovations are embraced by laboratory animal technicians desiring high-content instrumentation that is safe and easy-to-use.
"...better data from every mouse!"