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Since 1992, BioGenes successfully offers immunological and protein biochemical services and has built a strong expertise and reputation in the fields of custom immunoassay and antibody (monoclonal and polyclonal) development. The strong commitment to quality and service as well as proactive project management makes BioGenes a reliable industry partner. Successful long-term alliances with biotech and pharmaceutical companies prove that BioGenes is the partner of choice in the fields of protein analysis. BioGenes is certified to meet the international requirements and regularities of quality assurance and animal welfare. Immunoassay development, validation, and production: From drug discovery and development up to the manufacturing of clinical and commercial supplies, BioGenes supports customers with a whole range of analytical services starting from feasibility assessments to complete immunoassay development, manufacturing, and implementation. BioGenes offers the complete development of Host Cell Protein (HCP) Assays including validation and production of ELISA ready-to-use-kits.
New: BioGenes developed and offers new generic HCP ELISA Kits (4 types) for detection of Host Cell Proteins from CHO cell lines.