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Centerchem's Biochemicals and Diagnostics Division offers a diverse selection of assays for coagulation and fibrinolysis diagnostics as well as specialty biochemicals. The PEFAKIT® line of test kits from Pentapharm, Ltd. includes assays for PiCT®, in-TDT®, APC-R Factor V Leiden, Factor XIII, TAFI and Reptilase®. Centerchem also distributes specialty biochemicals for the research, development and production of in vitro diagnostic products and pharmaceuticals. These include: highly purified snake venom proteins; PEFACHROME® and PEFAFLUOR™ peptide substrates; PEFABLOC® synthetic and natural protease inhibitors, like AEBSF, APROTININ and HIRUDIN; and PRIONEX®, The BSA Alternative™.