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NuAire, Inc. - Best Products. Best Performance. Best Protection.

Class I, II, & III Biological Safety Cabinets | Laminar Airflow Workstations | Biological Enclosures | CO2 Incubators | Ultra Low Temperature Freezers | Animal Transfer Stations | Animal Bedding Dump Stations | Animal Isolators | Polypropylene Fume Hoods | Polypropylene Casework | Awel Centrifuges | Custom Solutions


"Quality and Dependability for the Future\" For over 30 years NuAire has been universally recognized as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments. The NuAire mission has always been to develop and deliver innovative products, communicate the latest technologies and product improvements, establish trust in both products and personnel, seek customer satisfaction, and to continuously improve our mission. NuAire is in compliance with the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000.

Product Portfolio
NuAire’s Class II, Type A2, B1 and B2 Biological Safety Cabinets combines performance with quality construction for reliability and value where safety is not an option. The best selling safety cabinets in the world, offering superior personnel, product, and environment protection.

The HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System integrated in the cabinet provides quiet, uniform down-flow over the sterile work-zone, helping minimize cross contamination. The HEPEX system eliminates leaks and HEPA filter failure.

NuAire’s cabinets utilize State-of-the-Art Electronic Systems and are ergonomically design for user comfort and adjustability. A variety of options and accessories allow the cabinet to be tailored to each user’s individual needs. With better construction, less maintenance, and lower operating costs, our cabinets are safer, and longer lasting.

NuAire’s Dual Heat Decontamination (DHD) AutoFlow NU-5510 Incubator is the most advanced Incubator for today’s laboratory professional. Offering features not found in other Incubators, satisfying even the most demanding environment.

The NU-5510 offers dual heat decontamination cycles, with both a 95˚C wet decontamination, and a 145˚C dry sterilization cycle. These cycles prove useful for research changes between cell lines and when working with hazardous agents.

NuAire’s NU-5510 Incubator attains constant contamination control by featuring an advanced HEPA filtration system, minimizing contamination. It employs a low-velocity airflow assuring the delicate environment needed for culture growth is undisturbed.

Through superior design and technology, the NU-5510 precisely controls temperature, humidity, and CO2 level, offering the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions. Designed with the most advanced features available for research and laboratory work using in vitro models of in vivo environments.

NuAire’s Ultralow Freezers NuAire’s freezers are environmentally safe using HFC CFC-Free Refrigerants, CFC-Free Polyurethane foamed in-place insulation with a low noise operation of 49 dB(A).

The NU-9000 Series freezers have an exterior shell, with interior walls constructed of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel which conducts temperature more efficiently than stainless steel, creating less stress on compressors making them run cooler and last longer.

Our freezers utilize a Microprocessor control system with both audible and visual alarms, continuous self diagnostics, digital temperature display, set point security system, complete with battery back-up, filter check and remote alarm contacts. The most dependable freezer on the market for your laboratory needs.

NuAire offers a wide range of laboratory products with a variety of complementary products and systems to serve the needs of the world