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BioPAL was founded to develop, manufacture and market a new generation of high-precision alternatives to traditional radioactive products based on novel lanthanide chemistry. Therefore, our product line consist of compounds and materials labeled with these biologically-rare stable isotopes. As a result, our products are ideally suited for applications in in vivo diagnostics using neutron activation (NA) technology or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or in in vitro diagnostics using time resolved fluorescent (TRF) technology, electron microscopy (EM) or magnetic cell sorting technology. Recently, BioPAL introduced functional immunoassay technology (FIT) to the research community and we have develop a line of renal diagnostics based on FIT. We pride ourselves for being the originator of NA, FIT and EM life-science products and being a leading provider of MRI, TRF and magnetic cell sorting products to the life-science community.