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When you buy a Powers Scientific chamber, you pay for quality materials, highly regarded instrumentation, well-engineered design, responsive service, and only the accessories your research requires.

We offer a broad range of environmental chambers to meet researchers' needs. Temperature, humidity, lighting, fresh air ventilation, and vibration are some the critical parameters our chambers are designed to control. Applications include drosophila, sand fly, c. elegans and mosquito research, protein crystal growth, pharmaceutical testing for shelf life stability and photostability, seed germination and plant growth, plant tissue culture storage, rodent research, BOD testing, vaccine storage, ninhydrin acceleration, -20 C storage, explosion-safe refrigeration, and 5 C storage for liquid chromatography systems (e.g. ÄKTA Pure).

Our chambers are made in the USA and built to your specifications so you don’t pay for features you don’t need. Our warranty extends for one full year on parts and workmanship, and four additional years on the compressor motor, on all domestic sales.