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Bio-Serv has been Delivering Solutions for Nutritional (Animal Diets-Custom and Standard), Enrichment (Treats, Toys), Medicated (Pain Management, Antibiotics), and Critical Care (Post-op recovery and otherwise compromised animal care) for more than 45 years. We also provide additional services such as gamma irradiation and contaminant screening. Bio-Serv’s entire customer service and professional team, including our veterinarian and President, Dr. Karen Froberg-Fejko and our nutritionist, Dr. Jaime Lecker are here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help enhance your research program.

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Bio-Serv - Custom Diets

Bio-Serv - Custom Diets

Custom diets are diets that are formulated to meet your specific research requirements. We can create a new formula based on customer specifications, reproduce a previously published formulation, or modify any existing formula.

Research protocols may require dietary manipulation of micronutrient profiles or the addition of certain compounds to induce disease models or to investigate the mechanisms by which specific nutrients or compounds impact disease states.

The most common type of custom diet used for nutritional manipulation is a purified diet. Purified diets are formulated with refined ingredients such that each ingredient contributes primarily one nutrient. This allows for precise manipulation, customization and reproducibility of the diet’s nutrient composition.

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