Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry assays

Super-X Plex Flow Cytometry assays from Antigenix America

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Company Profile
ANTIGENIX AMERICA Super-X Plex multiplex assay utilizes multiple bead populations TM differentiated by size and levels of fluorescence intensity

Assay Performance / Characteristics:
•Non-magnetic Multi-Plex Bead Assays
•Assay uses antibody coated beads, Biotin Detection antibodies, 96 well filter plate, and R-PE signal for analysis.
•Sensitivity less than 10.0 pg/mL for most assays!
•Sample Types: Use Serum/Plasma, Cell Culture Fluid, Cell Lysate, or other biological fluids.
•High correlation with Luminex® assays
•Assay Time approx. 2 hours!
•Precision: Intra-Assay CV: <10% ; Inter-Assay < 20%
•Sample Volume: 15.0 uL
•No measurable X-reactivity within each panel.
•Multi-Plex: Customer can create own panels within each Group - up to 24-Plex! Many pre-made panels available - Human, Mouse, Rat, Primate and Canine Models. Custom multiplex panels can be built across groups by ANTIGENIX laboratory – Contact us
•Standards are Pre-Mixed for most assays ( Both Individual and Panels) to facilitate fast and easy plate prep.

A) SINGLE-Plex Assays:

Each Single-Plex Assay Contains:
•Antibody Coated Beads
•Detection Antibody
•Mix and Match one or more Individual Assays from a given Group to Build your own custom panel!
•Each Individual Assay Within Each Group Occupies a Unique Bead Region for Analysis
•Each assay sufficient for 96 wells
•Most Standards are provided as Pre-Mixed standard panels ( 6 or mare standards in single vial) - for easy and quick plate preparation
•Assays can be Multi-Plexed across panels - CONTACT Tech Support for suitability
•Order a STARTER Kit ( 96 tests) and a SAMPLE DILUENT Kit to match sample type and Species of Samples.
•Also Available: SAMPLE Dilution Buffer ( for Dilution of High concentration samples) and Cell Lysate Prep Buffer

B) STARTER Kit: ( 96 tests) - Select for Sample Species Type

•Reading Buffer (10X) 5.0 mL
•Wash Buffer (10X) 20.0 mL
•Filter Plate ( 1) and Plate Seals (6)
•PCR 8-tube strip (2)
•Detection Antibody Diluent 1.0 mL
•Streptavidin-PE conjugate 3.0 mL

•Human / Primate: Starter Kit ( 96 tests) cat # STKH10
•Mouse/ Rat : Starter Kit ( 96 tests) cat # STKM10
•Canine: Starter Kit ( 96 tests ) cat # STKC10

C) SAMPLE DILUENT Kits - ( Select for Sample Type and Species)

•Standard Diluent ( 2.5 mL)
•Sample Assay Buffer ( 8.0 mL)

Description Cat No:
Human / Primate : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKH100
Mouse / Rat : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKM100
Canine : Serum/Plasma Diluent Kit DKCN10
Cell Culture Supernatant Diluent Kit DKC100
Cell Lysate Diluent Kit DKL100
Cell Lysate Prep Buffer ( 50mL) CLP200
Sample Dilution Buffer ( 100 mL) SDL200

D) MULTI-Plex Panels:

Starter Kit included
( No need to order the Starter Kit for the Multi–Plex panels)

Each Multi-Plex Panel Kit contains:
•Multi-plex Antibody Coated beads
•Pre-Mixed Detection Antibodies
•Pre-Mixed Antigen Standards
•Complete Starter Kit with: Filter plate, Wash and Reading Buffers, PE-conjugate, PCR 8 tube strip.
•Detection Antibody Diluent ( matched to Sample Species).

** No need to order separate Starter Kit -
** Order a Sample Diluent Kit to match Species and Sample Type Used
•Extra Set of Pre-Mixed Standards are available, if needed - order as separate item.

E) Materials Required / Not Supplied to run the Super-X Plex® Flow Cytometry Assays:
•Flow Cytometer with 488 nm Laser
•Plate Shaker for 96-well filter plates
•Vacuum plate washer ( optional ) See available ANTIGENIX catalog number FPW100

CONTACT our tech Support with any Ordering Questions


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